Toles – Test of Legal English Skills – Registered Centre for Training and Examination

TOLES is the Test for Legal English Skills. Toles is ‘the World’s Leading English Exam for Lawyers, Law Students and Legal Translators’.

Authorized Training and Examination Centre, in Bologna.

Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) is a series of examinations developed in conjunction with the Law Society of England and Wales with consultation of major law firms in the UK. The aim was to develop practical and industry relevant examinations for lawyers and law students.

TOLES is a direct response to industry needs.

The examinations themselves are in three (3) level tests. These levels are:

The focus of the exams is on the development of commercial awareness as well as accuracy and the development of a specialist commercial legal vocabulary. The exams therefore a not a test of English law but rather test knowledge of Legal English within the context of English and international law.

The aim of TOLES is to meet the English language skills standards and requirements of the group of law firms forming the Magic Circle and other leading commercial enterprises.

Exam topics include:-

  • commercial contracts drafted in English
  • forms of business
  •  the vocabulary of finance