What is Subjective Culture ?

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The concept of subjective culture comes from Dr. Harry Triandis, a cross cultural psychologist, viewed culture as objective (described as material also) and subjective.

Subjective culture comprises ideas, attitudes and beliefs. An inter-culturist would focus primarily on subjective culture.

Material culture are man-made such as clothes and tools. On the other hand, subjective culture is the intangible part of culture such as ideas, attitudes, assumptions and beliefs. In other words, it is a society’s characteristic way of perceiving its social environment”.

We can subdivide these further by taking either an ‘etic’ or ’emic’ approach to studying the subjective elements.

“Etic” refers to the general categories. These elements can be found in all cultures and which we use to make comparisons.

“Emic” refers to elements which are specific to a given culture. This makes cultures unique.

Cultures have their own unique mix of beliefs, attitudes, norms and values.

These elements can also impact how we deal with conflict, communicate and negotiate. We will be discussing these elements Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Presentation Weekend Schools -8, 9 and 10 December 2017 for further details email Interlawconferences@gmail.com or the contact form below.


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