Cross Cultural Communication

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Understanding attitudes and processes in other cultures may affect your experience of commercial and social encounters.

We live in a globalized and international world which is interlinked. This brings with it complexities not only in an intra-cultural sense but also in an inter-cultural sense.

Interactions can be challenging, confusing, and even contentious.

Different cultural backgrounds or contexts can lead to misunderstandings and lost opportunities, if we do not understand, where the other party is ‘coming from’.

In today’s world, apart from being well-versed in our own professional material (hard skills such as law, accounting, management, marketing etc…), we invariably also need to have intercultural sensitivity and competencies (soft skills). 

Understanding cultural context will be discussed during Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Presentation Weekend Schools -8, 9 and 10 December 2017.

 We will learn how to be sensitive to cultural aspects when doing presentations, participating in conflict resolution meetings and in negotiations.

Send an email to for further details or visit our website: to enrol or complete the contact form below.


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