Toles – Why do I need it ?

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Globalization of the world economy has led to increased world-wide competition also between professionals, whether they are business consultants, notaries, translators, lawyers or law students looking for their first job in a law firm.  It is more important than ever that professionals  learn not only English but have some expertise in legal English. TOLES is the international certificate known as the Test of Legal English Skills and comes in 3 distinct levels. International law firms and clients expect professionals to have additional skills to just their academic studies.

We are organizing a number of intensive study sessions in Bologna to help you not only with your study but with exam techniques for getting the best possible marks. You will be proud to add the TOLES to your CV and take the fast track to professional promotion.

Details of the various exams and latest news can be found at our website by clicking this link (TOLES Information and Programs).

If you are interested in the TOLES examination send an email to (subject: TOLES) or fill in the form below


International Events and Law Conferences is an authorized training and examination centre by Global Legal English Ltd


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