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English for Accounting has been specifically developed for people working in accounting and finance who need English to communicate in a variety of situations with colleagues and business partners. The objectives of this course are to learn the language related to accounting as well as ways to achieve your goals in meetings, in presentations, on the telephone, or making small talk. 

Topics covered include:-

  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. Accounting Principles
  3. Creative Accounting
  4. CPA & Chartered Accountant
  5. Financial Statements & Ratios
  6. Profit and Loss Statement
  7. Balance Sheet
  8. Explaining Accounts
  9. Ratio Analysis
  10. Tax Accounting
  11. Tax Systems
  12. Methods of Depreciation
  13. Calculating Tax Expenses
  14. Taxation Planning
  15. Auditing
  16. Roles of Auditors
  17. Types of Audits
  18. Auditor – Client Relationship
  19. Describing Graphs
  20. An Auditors Report
  21. Defining Management Accounting
  22. Statement of Cash Flows
  23. Budgets
  24. The Future of Accounting
  25. Investment
  26. Cross-Border Investments
  27. Different Accounting Practices
  28. Intercultural Issues
  29. Globalization and the role of Accountants

Details of this course can be obtained by emailing us at interlawconferences@gmail.com or parastatidou.s@gmail.com.

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