About Us

We are excited to share our latest news.

International Events and Law Conferences is now an Authorized Training and Examination Centre for TOLES

(Test of Legal English Skills).

International Events and Law Conferences organises professional events and conferences for lawyers, judges, in-house counsel, accountants, economists, doctors, dentists, logistic providers, custom brokers and other professionals.

Our mission is to provide professionals with further education and training by highly qualified and leaders of industry and professions.

Our conferences, courses, workshops, seminars may qualify towards meeting your continuing professional development (CPD) and/or mandatory continuing education (MCE) requirements.

We understand that self assessing lawyers may be able to claim a credit of 1 CPD Scheme point per hour attended (including for relevant sessions, credit towards compulsory ethics or equal opportunity components).

We will request for accreditation from other relevant Bar Association and Medical Colleges upon requests by participants.

Full details of accreditations, were relevant will also be published and will be available on our website and all registered delegates who attend our conferences, courses and events will be provided with an Attendance Certificate (provided their attendance fees are paid in full).

Attendance Certificates will not to be issued to accompanying persons.

As requirements vary between professional associations, we recommend that participants also make their own enquiries.